Time Space Existence

European Cultural Centre – Italy, Palazzo Mora, Venice Architecture Biennale, Gruppenausstellung. 2018

European Cultural Centre – Italy, Venice

Time Space Existence
26.05.2018 – 25.11.2018

The fourth edition of the biennial architecture exhibition “Time Space Existence” presents a wide selection of works from architects, photographers, sculptors and universities from all over the world. In addition, projects realized in cooperation with institutions and museums. 

The participating architects and artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and different career stages, i.e. established architects next to professionals whose works might be less known. What they have in common is their dedication to architecture in the broadest sense of their profession. The exhibition shows a vast spectrum of presentations (models, concepts, research outcomes, thoughts, dreams and ideas), placing classical architectural installations in dialogue with surprising artistic elements. (European Cultural Centre – Italy)

ETH Zürich – Gebäude LEE, Areal Zentrum, Oberer Leonhard, Neubau für Forschung und Lehre, 2007-2015

Gezeigt wurden 15 Fotografien von Georg Aerni im Format 40cm x 30cm sowie die Gebäudemonografie ETH LEE – Gebäude LEE, herausgegeben 2015 von Christoph Wieser im Verlag park books.

Fawad Kazi Architekt GmbH

GAA Foundation – European Cultural Centre

Time Space Existence, Venice Architecture Biennale, Hg. GAA Foundation – European Cultural Centre, 2018, S. 166-167

European Cultural Centre – Italy

Fawad Kazi Architekt GmbH
Langstrasse 14
8004 Zürich